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After many years of discussions, we have finally decided to take the next step. A step that will lead into the journey of a lifetime. A journey that will give us the experience of a lifetime, and one that will last a lifetime. The experience will be one of stress and anxiety, but one that will bring alot of joy and happiness.

We are talking about starting our family.

For many its a daunting prospect to consider. Bringing a new life into this world. It raises so many questions and thoughts.

  • Am I cut out to be a parent?
  • Will I be a good parent?
  • What do I know about being a parent?
  • What happens if I mess something up?

These thoughts and questions we too have thought about and toiled with.
However, we have had one big question above all questions:

How do we start our Family?

This seems to be a strange question to ask. It seems a pretty straight forward answer. For us, it’s the first question and the first hurdle we need to overcome.

How do we become Dads?

I hope to give some insight, as well as share some of our experiences, so that other Same Sex couples, or heterosexual couples, may be able to learn from our journey into fatherhood.


Posted 22/03/2012 by becomingdads

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